Out of the new DLC Civs Which Is The Best Eco Friendly?

Out of the Forgotten African Kingdoms and Rise Of The Rajas what civ added to the game is the most Eco friendly?

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Anyone? Just curious.

Sorry, I will answer I guess. I think Rise of Rajas has more lush environment. But it make sense with the civilization it offers. Africans have varied lands, hence we have desert and forest missions in African Kingdoms. @GrizzGolf what do you think?

What do you exactly mean with “Eco friendly”?

I would say HD as a whole is much more eco-friendly than the original game, seeing as it was released only in digital form instead of plastic cases which are potentially polluting the world and take a very long time to decompose.

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I was just meaning from every Civ added after the official The Conquers was added when I asked this.

Can anyone please tell me if i buy AoEII (2013) HD The forgotten DLC that give me access at treaty mode, if i host a game with treaty length can my friends join if they dont own the DLC?