Out of topic, I think they had to announce and work in a Age of Mythology tittle first instead of AoE 4

Do not take me wrong, but these graphics and gameplay showed in the fan preview, has a combination of all age games.

Unfortunately AoE 2 fans are pushing devs to make a game as close as their fav game. Even we are 2021 they still want operator less units, unrealistic micro managing units and limited resources.

In my opinion, if they did AoM 2 instead of AoE 4, they would be adding a bit of everything and nobody would complain, and AoM fans would be super happy. Then after people reaction on AoM 2 as a base point base, they would take notes and try their best to make AoE4 the best game of the saga…

Hope you understand my point of view. And yeah I want AoM 2 after AoE 4, cant wait for it LOL


It can be done. But where would they go with the game? Japan?

Easy path is to nab some license. Say The Witcher or DUNE.

What can the studio(s) do that doesn’t end up being a Warcraft/Warhammer knockoff?

Age of CONAN? :stuck_out_tongue:

Before aom2 I want my aom 1 fixed, we can’t even play 2v2 with shutter/lag

Here’s the thing OP, you’re in the minority, AOE2 Fanbase is the majority, it doesn’t make sense economically to cater to you


Yeah I understand what you’re trying to say.
With AoM2 the devs could take more liberties (due to the subject matter) and the fanbase isn’t as set in their ways. But there would still be a lot of debate and heated arguments about gods and mythological units :wink:

From a business point of view they’ve done the right thing, AoE is their bread and butter strategy series but I’m sure there was/is background discussion about making AoM2.

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I think it is wise to start with AoE4.
It is a low risk game. It feels like a improved version of AoE2 with some ideas from later games like AoE3.
I think that is the game that most AoE fans are satisfied with.

Basically all “innovative” RTS ideas after the year 2000 failed. I’m happy that they decided not to take the risk. I don’t want a “never done before in an RTS” mechanic that ruins the game.
Better a high chance of getting a good RTS than a low chance of getting an awesome RTS. Especially because there has been no good RTS in over 10 years (SC2 was in 2010)

AoM2 has the chance to be creative and innovative if it builds on AoE4. It can try out new and interesting things and utilize the fictional settings to get away with more crazy ideas. But also being released after AoE4 it is less risky to make this game because it is allowed to fail. They still have AoE4. It also has to be different to AoE4 to not directly compete with it.

AoM2 has the potential to be awesome!


Not totally agree with releasing Aom before Aoe4, but understand what you’re saying.

From what I see Aom has second largest Aoe playerbase, the players are just inactive because there is no playable Definitive Editions yet.

Imo Aom has the best artstyle or campaigns and Aoe4 should take inspiration from there.
Artstyle is fairly realistic, only the old 3D graphic looks a bit chunky sometimes. Animations were very good for that time. Main campaign is very entertaining with cutscenes, different areas and tasks (Europe, underworld, north…). Some nice new things like night mode or natural disasters.

Especially the weather aspect they should extend, add weather or more lively nature. There are many good ideas you can take and improve from Aom in Aoe4.

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Aoe2 is my favourite Aoe, but anyway there are many good things you could take from Aom and improve it in Age 4.
Aoe2 fans are the majority, but Aom has probably more fans than Aoe1 or Aoe3. It’s not unimportant.
It just needs a nice remake, Aom2 or whatever to reawaken the Mythology fans.

Yes. Because this is how AOE 1/2/and M play. And it plays better than AOE3 and dime a dozen shitrts that shy away from micro and/or try to inject realism (the death of good gameplay) into their series.

“I can’t believe age fans want AOE4 to play like an age game” says outraged and frustrated secondary.

I tried to play AoM Extended Edition a while ago on Steam and couldn’t. Promptly returned it and got my money back due to the highly zoomed-in camera, where you only see a tiny handful of buildings on the screen at once. It’s really hard for me to play like that, as it’s like trying to read an online news article that has 96-point font size+ or 400% zoom instead of 10- or 12-size. A bit like AoE3’s cam in that respect. Plus, a couple gameplay mechanics weren’t fun for me.

I really want an AoM2, but I hope they revamp things. I played a lot of AoM before the Steam version, and some things I didn’t personally care for. So, I’d be okay with a revamp in gameplay mechanics… but I do enjoy the aesthetic. (Sorry to say, but regarding gameplay, I’d want it to be more like AoE2.)

An AoE4 game coming before AoM2 is fine by me. It’s a good way of informing the world that AoE franchise is back, and periphery games (like AoM) are coming back. As others stated, seems like a less impactful statement if you were to do AoM2 first. Either way, what’s done is done; AoE4 is coming soon! Exciting! :smiley:

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Agreed! good point mate