OUTRAGEOUSLY blatant bug exploiting by some players

So today I was playing 3v3 on Hill and Dale and my team was losing. A teammate of mine directly claims in the public chat that “Wonder wins are boring and so I will break this room” (my translation).

And the game just broke and everyone becomes disconnected after 10 seconds.

How toxic and outrageously bad this bug is! Personally, I run into disconnections bugs almost every other multiplayer game I play.

I feel that it is SERIOUSLY ABOUT TIME that we have some fix to this bug. It is okay the exploiters are left unpunished, but this bug need to go away


You need to put this in the bug report forum with as much detail as you can provide the devs to track down what happened.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t feel it is necessary. This bug is already well-documented. For example, see this thread: Bug-user crashes multiplayergame somehow

Quite a while ago, I remember there was another thread where one guy claimed to have found one exact mechanism of how this could be triggered (with the in-game tutorial (?) if my memory is correct). But I cannot find that thread at this moment

This has been a known issue for the past 6(?) months. Either they have no idea what is causing it or aren’t able to fix it.

Uh, I don’t know if you have any experience with how games work/connect on a technical level, but drop hacking is about the simplest thing you can do in most games. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

At least you can tell when you’ve been drop hacked. You’ve got to investigate map hackers a while to be sure, but afaik they were common before 90% of the players left.

No idea why players aren’t being banned.

Thanks for explaining. I am not familiar with the technical problems behind it.

But I did play other games such as Starcraft II. When I was playing Starcraft II, I didn’t have any experience with such a disconnection hack. So I feel there must be some way to at least make it very hard to happen (say, much harder than in the present version of the game)?

I’m no expert but it’ll depend on the networking architecture. Blizzard games are traditionally client-server, whereas Relic’s RTS games (and Age of Empires itself, historically) are peer-to-peer (in some fashion, it gets a bit more complicated than that nowadays).

There are hits for this for older AoE titles as well, though I have no idea what progress has been made there.


In old RTS games, especially the notorious CCG, all you had to do was ■■■■ ■ ■■■■ in the game while playing and you could trigger a mismatch (primitive term for drop hack) for all players. A 5 year old could do it in those days, and they did.

In modern games, or games with careful management, may not work because the game can be made to run checks for certain hacking software or altered local files, etc., which can cause you to disconnect from the game, or just not be able to launch. I believe Voobly had such a thing for checking the presense of CE, but I’m not sure.

CCG & ZH have a community anti-cheat software that checks all files at launch and checks to make sure a known hack .exe is not in use.

Of course, they COULD always simply ban the known cheaters via Steam/Microsoft. &/or use the Trust Mechanic to hand out the loss to the player/team with more “No Result” in their history.

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Check my latest posts … they do a ■■■■ about fixing this issue … Ban system is non-existing :slight_smile:

I understand it might be hard to fix this issue from technical side

But having the some braindead drophackers unpunished on a live server even after 4/5 months?

Thats just split into face nothing else.

Person responsible for banning a players (I doubt there is even somebody like that) should be FIRED on spot since he/she caused thousands of regular players stop to play for god.

Hmmm, that is an interesting story. But shouldn’t it be quite easy on a technology level to tell which player is hacking?

Say, we have a 6-player game, and each of the players runs the game independently on their own computer. Now, one player hacked. This player must have sent some bits that are not agreed on by the rest five, so it should be pretty obvious that this player cheated? Or is there a huge difficulty here to figure out who is actually the hacker?

If we can tell who has cheated, why not just disconnect this single person but disconnect everyone?

Thanks for sharing your thread. It is unfortunate and sad that they neither fix the issue nor ban people. If they just can’t fix the technical problem, they seriously should start banning people.

I also hate how these threads never receive a reply from the devs/Microsoft, as if they never made up their mind to ban the cheaters, exploiters, and so on. I remember I also saw a lot of racial insults at the beginning of the game release, I bet those people weren’t banned either.

Almost all games take the bans seriously and it actually shocks me how the bans in this game is not implemented at all

Let’s keep calling out for this change since it’s the only thing we cant do at this moment…