Over a dozen suggestions to improve the game

Here are my ideas for how to improve AoE4. Please vote in the poll below to show which ones you want!

Item 1: Add a hotkey that removes selected units from all control groups they’re in. AoE2 has this; it’s U
Item 2: Since a player can cycle through scouts and religious units, please add a “select all” version of these hotkeys.
Item 3: There are drop-down menus to choose what happens to the camera when using keys to select things instead of clicking or using control groups. Selecting all military production buildings (F1), selecting all economic buildings (F2), all tech buildings (F3), and select all landmarks (F4) could have their own dropdown menus (maybe even a third column in the hotkeys menu).
Item 4: Select all Town Centers hotkey
Item 5: When all military production buildings are selected (F1), instead of smashing all unit production into a top row and the various upgrades across the second and third rows, just have the unit production buttons spread across the grid. The most basic building (barracks) takes up the first slots (Q, W, and sometimes E), then archery ranges (E, R, T or R, T, A) and so forth. English keeps (and their keep clone landmarks) do this already in the Y menu.
Item 6: Add shift-clicking to buy/sell resources at the market and to send resources to other players. Also, add numbers in the UI so that you can see how much you’re buying/selling.
Item 7: When in the loading screen, give each team their own column – team 1 on the left, team 2 on the right.
Item 8: Give players the ability to select a color, or at least a color preference
Item 9: Make selection circles always visible – sometimes when units are on a hill or in tall grass they’re not visible. The whole point of selection circles is to be visible.
Item 10: Put in a new panel for wireframes of units (at least the first few X units, X is 30 or 40). This would allow players to select wounded units and pull them back from the fight. Also would allow buildings/rams with things garrisoned inside them to be selected by themselves, instead of with their contents.
Item 11: Change the accuracy of archers from 100% to a tapering 90%, 80%, 70%, etc. It would start to taper off 50–70% of the unit’s range.
Item 12: Include a clock on the main menu, since notifications have timestamps
Item 13: Make Daily Quests all visible at once (other games like Smite do this), instead of having to click through them.
Item 14: Make clicking on resources and unbuilt buildings easier. At the same time, make it so the player can hold down a key (like Alt in AoE2) so they can tell a unit to move only.
Item 15: Give the option to make the objectives display smaller in the top-left corner
Item 16: Give the option to put the resources/idle villager/population display on the top-left of the screen (like in AoE2 and other RTS games); the objectives could have a miniaturized version in the bottom-left where the resource UI is now.
Item 17: Add Random and Mirror options when choosing civs
Item 18: Have the loading screen show the map you’re about to play
Item 19: Give players the ability use mouse buttons as hotkeys
Item 20: Display a global queue (like in AoE2) and give us the ability to cancel items in the queue (again like AoE2)
Item 21: Instead of displaying individual units in a production queue, display one indicator with a number on it (like AoE2)
Item 22: Let players customize their team-based colors (StarCraft 2 allows players to do this)

  • Item 1: Yes (removal hotkey)
  • Item 2: Yes (select all scouts/monks)
  • Item 3: Yes (more dropdown menus)
  • Item 4: Yes (Select all TCs)
  • Item 5: Yes (Group up military buttons)
  • Item 6: Yes (Market UI)
  • Item 7: Yes (Loading screen)
  • Item 8: Yes (Color)
  • Item 9: Yes (Selection circles)
  • Item 10: Yes (Wireframes)
  • Item 11: Yes (Archer accuracy)
  • Item 12: Yes (Clock)
  • Item 13: Yes (Daily Quests)
  • Item 14: Yes (Clicking easier)
  • Item 15: Yes (Objective display smaller)
  • Item 16: Yes (Res in top-left)
  • Item 17: Yes (Random & Mirror)
  • Item 18: Yes (Loading screen map display)
  • Item 19: Yes (Mouse hotkeys)
  • Item 20: Yes (Global Queue)
  • Item 21: Yes (Compressed queue symbols)
  • Item 22: Yes (Custom team-based colors)
  • No to all of the above

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Wow, lol theres a homie that copied your post.

Oh NVM, that was you. You posted here and on his.


Yeah, this post was made roughly 3 hours after the other one, you fine though, thanks for looking out for the community


I dont really care about archer accuracy. Archers will still get wiped out by appropriate counters (Horsemen, Knights, MAA) or slaughter the things they’re supposed to counter. Everything else is fine

I would also add; blood to death animations. The map editor asap. Many more civs, more campaigns.

Yesterday I almost lost a game because I had to manage 30 clicks of trade in the market during the most critical battle of the match. It’s unbelievable that I can’t trade holding shift and buy/sell in packs of 10 like in age2.

Update: Items they’re going to add either in S1 or S2:
Season 1 Items: 1, 4, 17.1, 19, 20
Season 2 Items: 8, 14

the market is always bought or sold at a loss, if you want to improve never use it, 30 just kidding

comming to you in 2024 lol