Overly Hostile Players In Diplomacy?

Let’s say it’s a chill Diplomacy game of Europe Diplomacy or something like it. (A game you can win with allies with allied victory clicked) And one never talks to anyone, guy thinks the map it is 1v1 Arabia for some reason and decides to rush someone and nearly kill them. Destroy their town center, and kill many of their villagers.

The player flees and lives, and hides in a friendly player’s base, and slowly recovers with last remaining villagers. Ally gives them resources to make a new TC.

This guy then gets attacked by 6 other players and stomped out of existence for rushing said player. Does this said player deserve such a punishment in such a game? Would you join in ganging up on the rusher in such a game?

I seen this happen. And the player complains in chat why is everyone ganging up on them.

The best way to win diplomacy is to convince other players to fight other players while you sit back, boom and horde resources.
Whether the reason for aggression is legit or not doesn’t matter :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Having a loyal steam friend also helps. XD


Big brain time

Convince the guy on your side to attack the guy on his flank, and you’ll attack the guy on yours. Then when he starts rushing point out to everyone how agro he is so they gang up on him, make an alliance with the guy you told him you’d attack, then sit back and boom :sunglasses:

haha that 1v1 Arabia mindset dude that gets then ganged up on. THats is 100% me everz diplo game… I cant stand booming and nothing happening, rather die in action. maybe you can flee too and find a new master to serve as your tool for revenge against the groupers. its all fun and games

if you guys like diplo games. there is Age of DIplomacy, the biggest aoe 2 diplo games discord