Overpicked civ Otto became so boring to face on the ladder

Every single Ottoman player does the same strategy that involves the Mosque card.
It’s so boring and so annoying because the strategy is so OP despite suffering a nerf in the past patches.
This civ really became a bot civ. The balance team must offer a rework or offer alternatives to Otto’s playing style.


Since the last series of nerfs I think ottoman is ok.

Nope, azap is still OP.

Fwiw, we tracked thr avg elo inflation and then also pick rate vs win rate for efficacy of wins ease.

EwoEwo has all the graphs but iirc generally ottos were 200 elo inflating at peak now more like 140 or so. Despite be extremely popular, suggesting om avg otto players would bump an elo bracket(loose definition here but i think we’d agree 100 elo means something) then vs much better players the win rate would avg back to 50% percent. Controlling for this is hard, but it suggests the true win rate for otto was higher than demonstrated at first.

Over time, the elo inflation has fallen tho iirc its 140 or so now again so nerfs have effected performance. But it still suggests win rates are a bit deflated. Id have to run numbers but im bettomg its still at worst overperforming at most levels.