Ovoo Bug - Game Breaking

There is a bug that I can’t intentionally reproduce that doesn’t allow the Mongols villager to build an Ovoo when the TC is in a certain position. The wood is removed from the bank, the Ovoo cannot be canceled and the villager cannot build it. This has now happened to me twice in three days. Its game breaking. I have not tried to lift and move the TC yet simply because I quit the game when it occurs as it totally blows the opening. If I can recreate this I will try moving the TC to see if it allows the Ovoo to at least be built.

Edit: The replay bug that is listed in another post is happening to the last game this happened to me on and I cannot grab a screenshot as a result.

Hey @DustyMuffMan! Any idea what might be causing this one? What happens to your villagers? Do they just approach the would-be Ovoo and go idle?

Yes sir. They just sit there idle, with the zzz’s over their head. When I click to build, they remain idle. The Ovoo outline remains on the stone out crop, the TC works fine.

I want to say this occurs when the TC and Ovoo are corner to corner, but the replay isn’t working properly. I should probably check that again.

Thanks @DustyMuffMan! I’ll log this so we can track it internally. Appreciate it!