Ozutsu can't attack stone walls

I find it odd that the Ozutsu cannot attack stone walls when they specialize in destroying buildings. What do you all think, should they be able to?

I think stone walls are already little more than a novelty in their current state so I’d have to pass on Ozutsu being able to destroy them.

Apparently they can, but you have to use attack ground.

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I think they are strong in feudal and castle age and should be diminished in IMP age so games can end.

Ahhh, very interesting. SO they are a bit inconsistent. I would like to see them hit walls as they are hard to mass anyway given only trained at one landmark.

250 wood and I’m through most of the time before they can kill the ram most of the time in feudal.

Although this is team games where its easy to find a stretch of wall to breach.

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Right, rams are very cost effective. Doesnt mean Ozutsu cant get into some of that wall action too!