Pachuti - Fields of Blood - Is this a Bug?

Hey guys,

I finished the Pachuti - Fields of Blood - the second campaign in hard mode and the completed the mandatory 2 objectives

  • Defend the Temple of the Sun
  • Cusi Yupanqui must survive

You can see the screenshot
All completed!!!

Yet the game said, i failed!!!
I just dont get it! It was a slog to finish this on hard mode, as the AI kept sending wave after wave of Rams and units!

What could be the issue? Would appreciate some pointers!

Thank you for sharing!
Has this happened more than once?
Have you changed diplomatic settings?

Yes i had changed diplomatic setting to Cuzco to neutral with the aim of converting those blue villagers.
But i changed it back.
Maybe that is the reason!

That’s the reason then. It’s a team victory and if you are not in league with the Cuzco Player, victory is only triggered for him.