Packed / unpacked buildings mongols military discrepancy

Here several mongol buildings unpacked, lets pack the barrack, the ger and the blacksmith

Lets press the select all army hotkey: only the ger and the blacksmith are selected within the military

Which buildings are considered military?
ger= yes
market= yes
barrack= no
stable= no
archery range= no
monastery= yes
blacksmith= yes
landmarks= yes
extra town centers= yes

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Yes, that’s something I hope they fix - I don’t want any unpacked buildings included when selecting all military units.

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The fix could be implemented in different ways, as mongols you may want to pack your military buildings and move them forward with your army for exmaple. Currently the criteria seems kinda ranom, ger is military and barrack is not?

Yes this needs to be fixed asap. None of these buildings should be in the all army hotkey in my opnion. And now we’re on the subject: I think boats should not be included either.

Same as with the F1 button ( select all military buildings), it includes the dock which shouldnt be included I think.