Pagefile Change (SSD > HDD) for UHD Pack on 8GB RAM PC - Huge Performance Gain & Crash Fix

Game Version:

  • Build (33059)
  • Steam

Issue & Reproduction Steps:

  • Game crashes with UHD pack enabled due to maxing out RAM then remaining drive space where Windows pagefile is located.
  • OR Low fps and frequent stuttering due to pagefile being on a slow mechanical HDD.

What fixed the above performance issues on my system with the UHD pack enabled -

I was originally getting a game crash when trying to load a campaign or game in progress with the UHD pack enabled. This was because the game in its current state was maxing out my 8GB RAM then I assume surpassing the free 15-20GB on my SSD C: Drive and crashing the game on load.

It appears Windows moved my pagefile to a slow storage drive with more capacity, which allowed the levels to load but with massive stutter and performance issues. I moved the pagefile manually to my other SSD with plenty of free space and the game has gone from unplayable to not perfect, but a lot smoother and more playable.

In short, for an 8GB RAM system, checking the pagefile is set to Windows managed size and mapped to a drive with plenty of free space - in my case it had to be an SSD - got somewhat smooth performance in this case.

I did post this over on the Steam community forums but a moderator deemed it was “a risk to people’s PCs” and locked it.

It is a band aid for the underlying issue of huge RAM and pagefile consumption, but the above troubleshooting resolved a lot of these issues for me.

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Lol, this is unbelievable :smiley:

Glad you posted your solution to help people :slight_smile: I have also noticed similar suggestions before.