Palce of Swabia (HRE act 4 landmark) train villiager 300% faster instead of 75%

Rather than train 75% faster, it reduced the training time for 75%. Which is 300% faster.

This is like one of those tricky school math questions where you start to think was the english tricky or the math tricky?

One could argue villagers produce 75% faster is actually training time reduced by 75%. Should we look at it like 0.25*(Training time), then 5 seconds may not be wrong.

It is all about how you look at the reduction. If you calculated the % from 5 seconds, it is 300% faster than 20 seconds. But if I take the % from 20 seconds which is my original training rate, it is 75% lower training time.

I think that in this case we are talking about one and the same!

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Yeah ^^ there is a starting error.

50 food x 0,25 = 12,5 rounded down 12 food

20 secs x 0,25 = 5s

everything is right :wink: