Palisade around relics?

Let’s just say you manage to find the relics using scouts, or better: play as Burmese or have a Burmese ally.

Especially when you are playing as a relic-desperate civilization such as Aztecs and Lithuanians and assuming you are playing in a team game, would you consider this a good or bad practice to palisade around relics?

Or you have another better way to claim them ASAP?

Bad, you are wasting working time walking until there, pallising and then coming back. You rather gather more resources earlier and going Castle Age faster to train monks, scouts to snipe opponent’s monks and pikes to protect yours

I made a topic about this a couple of months ago. What the people said is that it’s basically a waste of villager time and lost income to attempt a strategy that’s simply worse than aging up quickly and grabbing the relics before your opponent.

There are no right or wrong answers in this game. I have also thought of it. I think it can be used against a Lithuanian opponent to prevent a relic hiest. In other matches is not worth in my opinion. But try it and see for yourself. So many pro players claimed that FC into UU is a bad strategy but now Viper is even doing that in tournaments. So do it and let others notice. And one more thing if it is powerful and you win matches then no need to get validation from others as people will start copying that. So keep it to yourself and keep winning.

It’s situationally useful. Generally though, it’s too much risk and too much lost villager time time to send a villager to wall in a relic. If a villager is already close by, then it may be worthwhile in that case (especially if you know your opponent is collecting relics and that you won’t be able to collect relics anytime soon).

For the purposes of collecting relics for yourself, walling in the relics makes it harder for you to collect them as well (since you have to manually delete the wall instead of just shift-queuing the relic followed by the monastery). Also, you may need to wall in corners as well. Generally, it’s better to just collect the relic for yourself or to guard it with a scout. But like most other things in the game, it depends on the situation.

Bad, you would be at least with 1 vill disadvantage (not counting wild animals that would kill it)

Where it would make sense though if you go trush on arena, you have the vills forward anyways. And often you want archers as garrison. So when you go back with your vills, just wall in the relics and make it harder for the opponent to grab them with his timing advantage,

Wouldn’t make much sense to wall relics between your teammates and close to you. Huge risk to send a vill all the way to your opponent’s side. Probably better to defend relics with army instead of palisades. You should be able to manage 3 which is good enough.