Palmyran "trade ships return more gold" is wrong

I’m pretty sure what they meant is exactly what its written.
As palmyrans, you should get more gold from trading, but you are not.

Doing a max-distance trade only gives you 75 Gold.
(I assume Palmyrans would get more than this, but no)


Have you made a comparison with other civs already?

Palmyra gets more gold but its capped at 75.


For all CIVs the trade cap is 75.
For me, “more gold from trading” means it should get more gold from trading if you compare it with other ships trading from the same distance.
So same distance, but for Palmyrans they get more gold than say Choson trade ships.
So if choson ships got 75, Palmyrans should get more than that? No?
What’s the meaning of that phrase then?


As I said trade is capped at 75 max. But lets say trade route has a value of 25 for other civs then Palmyra will get 50 gold. Palmyra just don’t need that long trade route while others need to get max values.

I wish that Palmyra max trade value would be 150 gold, but I think that game has fixed max trade cap value for all civs, which is 75. Most likely only way to change it is to remove trade cap max value.

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