Papal units

Who wants papal units at barracks?like other countries?

Umm not as is
Scaling elmeti and zouaves that can mass would be so beyond broken.

Maybe if 2x church in imperial can mass 2x shipments at same time but yeah, no friggin way would the ability to push 50 to 100 uber lancer or 2x aals much untagged super tanky high dps musk would result in any level of balance

the only way is that if the are can be trained but in limited numbers, like 6 papals lancers at the same time of something like that. the devs seems that addressed the problem increasing the shipment velocity in that case the alternative queues are the way

Again is not correct.think in threaty games wait 28 get out the papal units from fort or tower? You lost already the game.dont forget they nerf more the italy with new pup.pavesiers we dont use them at treaty game lot