Parthian Tactics for genitours?

Hi fellow AoE2 enjoyers,

This question is mainly out of curiousity since berbers dont get PT.
Is it intended that genitours arent affected by parthian tactics or is it just an oversight?
They are affected by almost all Upgrades and civ boni for skirms and CA.

They’re a shared allied unit. So any ally with PT can get them. So it’s more than likely intended for balance due to 10PA being so much better than 8PA, so limited to only Tatars, who would have 12 PA if PT affected them

The game is ambiguous about what is or isn’t actually a cav archer for PT. Since sipahi and silk armour affects genitours

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10 PA genitour would probably break the game actually 11

Right 10pa would be a little overkill, i was just wondering why in some cases it gets skirm Boni/UT (aztecs, Maya, incas) and in some cases CA boni/UT
(Turks, tatars) and in other cases not like magyars recurve bow and PT.
I guess @PlumpDucklin is simply right about the game being ambiguos.
Maybe some Boni/UT affect all units with the Cavalry archer Armor class and some just the unit cavalry archer itself?

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