Parthian tactics should give +4 atk vs halbs for the non-UU elephant archers

Parthian tactics gives armour and bonus damage vs pikes/halbs. +2 for UUs and +4 for non-UUs. Until the Indian dlc, the elephant archer was a UU. Now it’s a regional unit. Despite not being as widespread as a generic unit line, it’s definitely not a UU, proof being that the samuraï doesn’t have bonus damage against any regional unit.

However, the now regional elephant archer still only gets +2 atk vs halbs from Parthian tactics. This should get fixed. Currently only Bengalis get Parthian tactics. Bengalis are bottom-tier of all 42 civs on 1v1 Arabia. So this fix will have no significant impact and yet correct something wrong.


This is largely meaningless. It could result in carefully archers becoming overpowered.

How about buffing elephant archer HP and making them even cheaper? Give them their original HP. Make the upgrade cost cheaper.

I never understood what is the logic behind giving bonus against pike-line to CAs? Is not enough being faster and having ranged attack to deal with them?


the worst issue is that xbows do so much bonus damage to pikes. at least we can make the argument that pikes are not meant to be the counter against certain HCA (for certain civs) and therefore PT is there to indicate this

but for xbows? they already eat pikes and take minimal damage, why the huge 60% bonus damage?


Without the bonus dmg halb spam can work pretty well vs cav archers.


Some unit is stronger than the others. Thats why mongols is able to conquest half of the world

You only need 8 HCA to one hit a halb… both Full upgraded. In imp es easy to reach that number, more than that is overkill.


And you 5 shot halbs with pt. It makes a huge difference in dmg output. That’s why hussar ca counters arb halb in the long run. Without pt you need to micro a lot against large pike numbers. So you need to retreat and then your opponent can push you with rams or treps. Vs gold melee units pt doesn’t really make a difference but against halbs and any ranged units it does.


Technically, the samuraï does have a bonus damage against a regional unit, the eagle. But not because the eagle would be a UU, but because all infantry units have bonus damage against the eagle. Anyway, everybody got my point. :sweat_smile:

this most likely will be fixed on next balance patch. probably just an oversight since they had to deal with 3 new civs + rework 1 civ.