Particle Impact effects not displaying properly

  • **GAME BUILD #: Lords of the West hotfix 28 January
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

War Galleys that miss their target dont play an impact animation (splashing water or earth crater effect). the issue is resolved once the war galley is upgraded to galleon.

Caravels play the wrong impact particle (just a generic hit particle) on a missed shot unless a target is hit before the projectile lands on land or water. Elite caravel only ever play the hit particle on land and water when the shot misses its target (no splash or crater effect).

Scorpions and heavy scorpions dont play the crater or splashing effect on land/water although i dont know if thats intended or not.

Trebuchets affected by chemistry dont play a hit particle effect when a target is hit (the large explosion effect doesnt play)

Impact effects from projectiles that land behind a building are played in FRONT of the building