Passive healing

The passive healing in this game feels so… haphazard.

We have french knights passive healing at all times, abassid passive healing under castles, english longbowmen passive healing around campfires, mongols passive healing only when theyre near a landmark AND their khan is near it… etc.

Passive healing just feels haphazard. Worse, theres no passive healing when we really need it for wokers who have been damaged by wolves.

In terms of balance, passive healing doesn’t really effect combat. However, it does affect the ability to sustain troops in the field for prolonged engagements. What would your thoughts be on giving ALL biological units slow passive healing (say 10hp per minute) that can onl occur outside of combat, and then giving civs uniue buffs to healing on top of that?

While we are at it, monks heal and don’t do much else, except for conversions. Monks could exhort the troops to have greater movespeed or attack or something. Something about how the monks words affect the fervor of nearby units… hmm?

I’m not sure what to think about all biounits healing passively out of combat situations.

Standard monks are kinda only there for taking relics for gold or capturing sacred sites. I’d prefer give monks a healing zone of two tiles around them for non-combat situations. This way you can bring your army back after they were hit by a mangonel shot that you forgot to dodge and have them all healed up and ready to out again.

Don’t Prelates for HRE provide bonuses to troops?

My Delhi scholars are a super unit to bring along with your armies already with the speedy WOLOLO defense/offense.

The healing is greater mostly on monks the passive healing takes around 1-2 minutes to fully heal a very damaged unit so the passive heal doesn’t have much of an impact unless there’s a stalemate and the enemy does not swarm.

Warrior monks currently provide an armor buff to the units after 1 second after they entered combat, besides that, the monks healing isn’t always sustainable or focused on lowest units, rather they heal whoever got damage first and because of the high damage of certain units and the moshpit usually the priest will go in the front lines to heal someone and die in the process because their target died. It’s especially bad when you click to go somewhere and then attack move but the priests do not stop, instead as they cannot attack follow only the move order and ignore units at times if you don’t pay attention.

As long as there’s 10 Mangonels and 60 knights on the field, healing will not help with anything in any way and I’ve yet to have the choice or get forced by the enemy to use priests and monks. Usual games don’t last more than 10 minutes so even 10 healing per minute would be next to nothing and too much regen would affect too much.

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