Patch 11009 in a nutshell


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Nah, China deserved the nerf.

Their siege was ruining team games.


No one cares about team games, the game is balanced towards 1v1.


Ah, excellent.

Where is this stated?

Or are you just desperately trying to gatekeep a videogame for no apparent reason?


China’s win rate has already been the lowest in some ratings of 1V1.

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Abbasid recibe un buff a las bayas para que su cabeza esté por encima del agua, Delhi también, pero los elefantes no tienen la cancelación de la animación y ese es el final de esa gran ventaja.

Pero, pobres chinos, están preparados para la basura.

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relic weakened other units let china only can use siege.

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simply yes…

I dont care that much for china , delhi was in the bottom and now its on the top

What’s hilarious is they have nerfed every single civ that’s not mongols. French, Rus, China all had their best units nerfed hard. But the mongols have been top dog since the first week, and the only big nerf they got is not being able to put the TC next to the opponent’s TC.

As a china main i can confidently say


2v2 is better balanced than 1v1 : change my mind

Siege deserves nerf but not Chinese. They need compensation in other aspects.


Well, siege needed heavy nerfs. Chinese didn’t really get direct nerfs, other players bombards are weaker as well.

Overall if they wanna rebuff china, they should make zhu ge nu and imperial officer stronger. Maybe buff some unused landmarks. I really don’t want to see pure bombard armies in teamgames anymore. The siege just ran away from cavalry for like a minute before they could catch up and even then army of knights could only take down a few bombards.

Everyone cares about team-games. More 2v2 games are played than 1v1. 2v2 is interesting to play and Its not as linear as following build order. Every team composition makes match completely different. Also 2v2 gameplay is very well balanced for all civs especially after patch. Even worse civs perform much better in 2v2 than 1v1s.

3v3 or 4v4 maps are too large and are very chaotic. There is no way you can push early in 3v3 or 4v4 before reaching castle age. Try playing 2v2s its much fun than linear 1v1 play.


Dev cares, who allow you to represent all people?

Please read Dev notes.


Lads, go watch evry pro gamer out there, look beyond your pink fanboy worldview, in every tier list done by every high elo player china is a bottom tier. Are you ppl blind? And guess what ? Even in team games china was bottom tier, go watch a 2v2 win rate its a 48% - last place!! What are you ppl talking about? :smiley:


Thats a straight up lie. They got a giant nerf by being unable to supervise the Clocktower. Which means they are going to have 1/3rd the amount of siege buffed with 50% bonus HP.

Everyone knows the Clocktower is a strong wonder but all other Chinese wonders are mediocre or trash. Their Age 2 and Age 4 wonders are both much weaker than what other civs get.

What exactly is Chinese supposed to make this up with? Do the devs think making Chinese spend thousands of ressources for Dynasties is reasonable? It doesn’t make them strong because you have to have these ressources available in the first place.

Nest of Bees have not even worked properly since stress test. And there was no mention of any bugfixes to this unit.

Meanwhile other civs just get better, see Delhi and Abbasids getting more ressources from Berries. It would be nice if Chinese got some Landmark buffs which have been requested since Stress test. They really need it after siege was nerfed.