Patch 11963 China vs Spring update China?

So there has been over the past couple of months a lot of moaning and groaning over the various changes China has endured. And on the dawn of the Spring update patch I look at the win rates of 1300+ elo and see China is middle of the herd and trends upward the higher the elo gets??

So my question is will the Spring update strengthen or nerf this trend? We had a seek peak during the PUP and most of the changes from the PUP are what are listed in the Spring update so??

I see potential for a village replacing the 2nd house alternative and that giving some defensive capabilities. I have mixed feelings with the granary… I hope they return it to 15% or implement what I suggested in another post.

Pagoda may see more use? But then again Yuan dynasty is so weak yet expensive… if only they could nerf cost or increase pagoda and fire lancer reward; like instead of pagado 50/50/50 per min change them to 75/75/75 per min and make fire lancer return a bounty for setting fires!

Ming dynasty is meh now that it lost a powerful pagoda and the unique ability to make all dynasty units without being in previous dynasty…

I PREclude China at lower levels will be much more turtle-y; but at the mid to high China is gonna be much more one dimensional with all those tower nerfs…

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