Patch 15965 for aoe4 has arrived!

The patch 15965 has arrived , this patch focuses on fixing numerous bugs and improving building shift commands , as well as other things.

The wild part about the patch notes is the spoiler of the next PUP :eyes:

Read the patch notes here : Age of Empires IV - Patch Preview: Patch 15965 - Age of Empires

What do you think? :eyes:


not very exciting for the numeorus features that should go on release


Ditto. Not sure how happy we should feel about “experimental zoom”. Really? A core aspect of basically all RTS is experimental in AoE IV in 2022? We’ll see.


hope for the best. and waiting new camera.


En el 3 técnicamente algo experimental que pusieron fue el modo fotografía, la verdad esta guay pero lo el zoom experimental eso suena un poco extraño xd

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Happy for any and every bug that gets addressed. Ive suffered many games to the villager attack bug for months now!!! Great fix!! Also the building que bug was annoying.


who cares. Patch notes as a spoiler lol. Im so done
Unless I see a complete over hall in the patch notes. no thanks

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Has it came out yet, I’m getting a error in Xbox version about mods.

Steam version works like normal but in both i don’t see its been updated

I guess “zoom option” is not “more zoom”. Tired of patch notes full of promises that ends in eternal disappointment.

I still wonder WHY I can’t choose what map I want to play.

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Long way from done, but good fixes. ^^

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I’m amazed that the patch came faster this time. It’s nice to fix some annoying bugs.


You can though?unless you mean PvP, in which case I say…because then people would only play one map they are good on and would never try to learn new things?

Hmm , I’m not seeing it wrong . It fixed some bugs that they couldnt on server side patch . It is true that they should deliver the new spoilers on official announcements but it’s cool TO at least know that they are going to deliver a new PUP

Hmm , we don’t know . Keep in mind that they also announced a new experimental camera angle so “zoom options” might be what we asked for a long time .

Most of the promised things have occurred , now it’s time to keep moving and promise new stuff

Be grateful that at least they are adding it.

I think it probably is, given that they talk about it being uncertain which modes it should be usable in. The angle, as well as zoom, will be huge, IMO, many of the PR screenshots look so much more dramatic with a lower camera angle. Even if you could only use it when viewing replays it would allow some terrific screenshots / video clips to be generated.


Photo contest incoming! Lolol

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Age of Screenshots IV


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Relic and AoE4 has improved greatly since the start.

I am quite happy with how Devs are handling patches etc. now. Well done guys!! Looking forward to the next patches.


I have been getting errors ever since due to mods :frowning:

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