Patch notes , chnages from re

When and where can we get the patch notes for the de
from the changes from the re (aoe3 tad) ??? I think it should be out by now as game is releasing in a day . Anyone has any idea about it ?? . I hope some holy soul can make excel document for all technology and unit stats with and without upgrades , like we had for re and esoc .

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Hi @VagrantBloom811, I would expect this to be announced soon after the game is released tomorrow.

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Balance changes should be same as in ESOC patch

Since when people call aoe3 TAD “re” ?

well it’s basically since EP or earlier FP attempts

I stop playing aoe3 when there was only the fp available.

There was so many official mods , there are a few versions of fp , there was esoc treaty patch etc .