Patch notes needs minor patches

No mention of the Mongols un-upgraded plunder bonus being changed. The plunder tech has been reduced to +50 food and +50 gold. However, no mention was made whether the un-upgraded plunder was nerfed or if it stays at +50 +50 (which would be…interesting).

Some sentences in the patch notes miss a period and space and collides with the previous sentenceLike this.

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Yes, the patchnotes appear to be written by someone who does not speak English as native lenguage. That I don’t write English well, ok , but devs…

We’re only human; typos happn.

Though our Community PM is usually a stickler here, so it could be something with how the website is displaying. If you are able to provide a screencap to support, we can investigate and stick the web team on it if necessary.