Patch tomorrow?!

Test build uploaded to steam today! Last time a test build was uploaded the most recent patch game out the next day

Makes sense with the timeline with relic posting that work is ramping up again starting tomorrow!


One can hope, the winter patch didn’t come out until 21 days after the build was uploaded to steam though. I imagine they will do some stream again before patch comes out.

Kinda fast if that’s the case. Skeleton crew probably came back from vacation last week, gathered whatever they need, now the core devs are back today. I mean, if the patch is tomorrow, that’s incredibly fast.

I’m no expert and I’ve understood that many of the bugs and issues most experience any Dev could actually fix quite rapidly. The issue is that work focus and time management is typically not up to the Devs and company policy can simply be different than what a dev (or fan from the player base) desires.

Unless they did a lot before the holidays I think this is actually really, really quick. Then again: I’d also be perfectly okay with some more patches even if they are more minor in size. I can think of many patch notes that can be released in small groups: spear bug for HRE and Dehli, animation cancel, prelate, prelate again, probably prelate again, demo ships, fire lancers, some desync or swabia crashes. None of this needs to be 1 massive patch. If they would break this up in 2 or 3 patches that is fine. Hell, I’d dig a patch for a single movement formation button, hehe.

The only thing they might want to consider is to not drastically alter balance at the doorstep of, or during, S tier tournaments.

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I’d imagine it’s more of a HotFix than a patch, maybe even just fixing the desync issue which they have previously said they had already been working on!

But any update is a good update!

I would rather see loads of small incremental patches than one big patch every 3 months, and God forbid maybe the studio actually give the developers oversight over what they feel like they should focus on

Side note:
I get that a lot of balance issues are out there, however there are still some very fundamental gameplay things that should be addressed and could be addressed relatively easily, such as the highly annoying chat lag, or just the client lag in general after a while of online play.

Or the exploits.

Just a thought


I really disagree with catering to S tier tourneys. There are thousands of people waiting for a patch for a game they’ve paid for. To postpone that so a handful of pro’s don’t have to adapt during a tourney, in my opinion, is completely wrong.


Yeah I agree, honestly the speed at which they’ve started handed out hundreds of thousands of dollars for people playing this broken game blows my mind, is there not some sort of testing these games go through before people start playing them for houses?


The first bigger patch had 3 RC builds spanned in over a month. I wouldn’t get my hopes too high.

Trust me my hopes are about as high as they are for elder scrolls 6 to come out this year

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There was no announcement from relic about any patch so I really doubt we will see one tomorrow as usually they announce that a patch is coming.


Agree with your point! but just to be semantic - relic has never announced a patch, it’s always world’s edge who officially announced patches

I highly doubt they will release a patch before Pro League ends.

Since it was an argument from the very beginning:

I think it’s the right time to stop with all those EGCTV and other leagues before the game is in more suitable state. Enough data was clearly gathered.

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hopefully the patch fixes both bugs and civs-maps balancings.

Advice them how they should spend their money. You know better. Advice players, who trained specifically for event… may be some quite their jobs… or took holidays.

It’s not ms, MS stopped giving money for tourneys even earlier after release. They knew smth.

Waiting for more amazing advices.

The current s tier tournament pro league is sponsored by microsoft

Thanks for advice, buddy

The main problem with this is that most patches break replay compatibility. It’s definitely a difficult thing to get right though, as obviously some things need fixing, and others really could do with improving.

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you can watch only 10 last games for each game mode, what replays compatibility?
Or is it fixed in november patch?