Patch was overall pretty good, but

Nerfing delhi to the ground? Was that really necessary :frowning:


Also horseman. No-one ever complained about them, and I got the impression no-one really used them either, but they still got nerfed.


This is the one thing I couldn’t understand, what’s the point of that nerf? That together with the buff to spearmens… horsemans are now entirely useless

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I disagree with the title. At least in terms of balance changes.


No this patch is absolutely terrible


Delhi depended a lot of Sacred site gold to be viable, and there was a buff too.
Research speed is now faster on feudal upgrades. I think we will now see stronger feudal from Delhi to contest sacred sites AND end the game.

Give it a few days, too much complaining about paper updates.

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Patch was overall pretty good, but

I still won’t be purchasing the game and recommending it to friends until we can zoom out more


If only the zoom was the only problem

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Yeah, the Horsemen nerf is 100% the most baffling thing in the entire patch. They just have no clear role now in the late game whatsoever.

The should be:

  • strong enough to take archers in the early game, especially longbows.
  • strong enough to take on MAA in the early game, when no one has access to knights or crossbows or MAA themselves
  • strong enough to take out siege in the mid - late game

Dosnt it make you feel like they were completely biased towards English and French and hated delhi and abbasid to the point of giving them more bugs and nerfs them into the ground to death

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Relic’s hand was too heavy on the patch… smaller changes brought out over time would be much more desirable than this massive overhaul with a bunch of changes that don’t seem warranted. I would have been happy with an Early French Hulk, a springald 40/40(bonus) instead of 60/20(bonus) and just the bug fixes.


The 15x research delay in imp combined with buffs to xbows and nerf to horseman (specifically relative to early maa and late game archers/siege) puts Delhi in an overall MUCH worse position. You can get your spearman and blacksmith upgrades faster in feudal. That’s the only consequential positive move for Delhi (other than spearmen being a little better against early knights, which wasn’t a major problem for Delhi anyway, and the French Hulk nerf making water not quite as bad). Handcannon and battering ram nerfs help Delhi a bit as well I think (handcannons less dangerous to your elephants/maa/knights, ram rush less threatening).

Dark age is worse (delayed ability to cap sacred sites). Feudal faster techs, while good, are at least offset by the delay in gold income from sacred sites. Castle is worse (xbows better counter your elephants, maa and lancers, horsemen less useful against siege and upgraded archers). Imp is much worse (same problems as castle plus delayed research times).

English are sitting happy, France was pretty heavily affected by the spear and crossbow changes (and some top level French players were actually going horseman sometimes before)

Sadly the spearman upgrade is bugged and you dont get it faster, the feudal eco techs faster are nice but all the tech bugs is like the last nail in the Delhi’s coffin (really 15 min honed blades? That tech was so vital to their castle play)

I guess the devs don’t really know math and thought they’d be stronger vs archers now.

Not only that honed blades dosnt give +1 attack anymore

The French have the best crossbows in the game.

That’s true, but knights are worse because of the crossbow and spear change which is a much more meaningful change for French balance. In particular, early knights are easier answered by spears.