Patch - which day?

So which day in the coming week will we see the patch?

The patch will release between monday to sunday :slight_smile:


Software updates almost never come out on weekends and usually not Fridays in case something goes wrong so that it doesn’t become a weekend project. So I think Monday-Thursday but I’m thinking Monday is ruled out so Tuesday-Thursday. Just my guess.


I’m guessing either Tuesday or Wednesday.

I thought I heard that it’s coming the 1 st of December. Which is Wednesday

Would they risk releasing both aoe3 and aoe4 updates on the same day?

I know they are being pushed by different teams/companies but still.

Also the T shape stone wall exploit might require a hot fix after the patch.

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Risk of what?
They don’t collide with each other or anything. It wouldn’t matter even if 3DE and IV playerbase was 1:1.

If it’s 1.12- it’s a nice date. Also Mexico civ DLC is Coming 1 December.

Patch for 3DE won’t make someone not buy IV, and vice versa. People invested in IV mp won’t switch to 3DE because of it, and vice versa.
For people playing both games at the same time- it won’t cause any problems.


what? i never heard of it

Another exploit:

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I really wonder which day it will come.

Thursday. But standby for a daily post o " is the patch out yet?"

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It will be on patch day.

What reason could they possibly have for not telling us this? I guess they are leaving the option open for changing dates depending on what suits them or if there’s any trouble.

Doesn’t matter bro. It’s a highly classified secret. Just enjoy all the resource exploits until the big reveal. Then just wait another two weeks for the infinite stone hotfix :slight_smile:
Remember last time that happened when you had a Starcraft 2 game filled with infinite resource exploits? Yeah, me neither.

Even Company of Heroes 2 (Relic) had those ACTUAL CRITICAL bugs/exploits hotfixed in no time. Now they are taking care of this game like this is some kind of single player RPG.

That just wouldn’t fly in any serious competetive game. Something is very wrong in this company, and there is nothing to achieve by defending them.


CoH2 stayed alive just and only because of community-patchers who saved the game and try to keep it alive for last 3-4 years.

Whole game would be dead already without them … But yet the actual game suffers from many issues which cannot be fixed just by community members …

Sad and true story is that I see the same issues which CoH2 after so many years still has already in AoE IV which is super bad sign … Premades vs. randoms is probably the worst one … in CoH2 its at least not such a big deal but in AoE its HUUUUUGEE problem and if this will be a case in TG than the whole TG will be dead even before launch of rankeds.

Another huge misstake - lack of communication - even some Z ranked games has implemented voice chat but somehow RTS (Strategy! - Strategy and I repeat a Strategy game lacks it)

Like seriously I offend LELIC for a long time because of CoH2 but repeating the same misstakes you already did? Clown company imo.

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It’s almost as bad as the infinite attack knights in aoe2 that wasn’t fixed for over a month.

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Yeah we have a new problem(infinite stone) and i am afraid this patch won’t fix it.

I hope that the new path fix the infinite resources bug …

Maybe they can hotfix this faster than with the previous problems. Otherwise we would have to wait for their spring patch which would kinda suck rly hard.

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Yeah I agree this is starting to look really bad and not hopeful for a good competitive game environment. To their defense, I don’t think they ever said they will focus on that. But still a shame, it’s like they don’t realise the opportunity they had with aoe4 to become really huge through multiplayer.