Hey Dev-team,

my game started to update to a new version (8,44gb).

Can we get a complete list of changes that we know what we can expect and not get bad suprised :smiley: ?

but the Spear bracing bug is still ingame…
so HRE and Dehli is still fuckked for every cav play like knights(french rus) or firelancers …

@SavageEmpire566 When will be the next bugfix patch? Dehli and HRE are still gamebreaking bugged aka dead

Seems like you may have messed up something with your game

Sometime in the future—I honestly couldn’t give you a firm date so I don’t want to try. The schedule nor official bug list isn’t up to me.

So the prioritization was to polish french castle refund more than get Dehli and HRE playable?

I had so much hope when u delayed the patch and hoped that u would go for the important stuff first…
Atm i cant and wont make it anymore polite.

@SavageEmpire566 You all know that this bug is DELETING dehli and HRE for everyone who plays with a competetiv mindset and the knowledge of that bug?

This factions are dieing to simple cav cycle charging in and out and 5 firelancers can easy kill 30 maa with there splash dmg cant be countered…

So we see us next year or is something sceduled between?

@SavageEmpire566 PLEASE be communicativ

He is a community manager not a dev leader. You are being way too agressive. They are working on the bugs, but they won’t fix these civ related issues until januar.

Sry for the harsh words but than its even his job to have a good connection with the comunity and to filter information out of the comunication channels and send it as a input to the teams.

@SavageEmpire566 I hope this isnt personal for u as a nice individum. I apoligise if it went wrong.

If there is any truth in that Im gone

Christmas is in 2 weeks, they won’t make new patch until that time. And most of the people be on vacation until the first week of januar sadly. Delhi is my sevond fav also, but it’s ok, i can play without them.

There won’t be any new patch until new year.

Yes please go. After last experience I had with you I dont wanna risk to meet you again. Thanks

hehehe, were we met?

We have the official patchnotes. I am waiting for the actual patchnotes after players figure out the real changes and new bugs that have been added in this update.

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yeah, this is sadly true.

but care atm with sarcasm. You see that I´m getting outcalled for beeing toxic or agggresive instead of honest and direct.