patchnotes of recent patch?


I started to wonder if that “unknown” stuff actually meant just to be the announcement of AOE 2 on consoles

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Of course, this delay of news are happening because of those casual wanting the game on consoles.

This reads to me as if the Return of Rome DLC will be released in February or March, especially with the wording in the 2nd paragraph (“right behind that”)


Interesting patch. Not as comprehensive as I’d like, but it deals with some important stuff. Poles nerf, Arambai, BE, and Porto buffs are all good. Should especially help Portos become even more dominant on water.

Chakram rework is…interesting, and I’m not sure exactly how it will play out. Definitely makes them easier to deal with in small numbers, and harder countered by cav. But…I hadn’t realized they only did 50% passthrough damage and now they do 100%, so even from a lower base attack, I’m not sure they’ll be much less oppressive when massed.

Not all I’d hoped for (Bengalis, Dravidians, Sicilians buffs), but credit to the devs for getting something out anyways. Hopefully nothing was unintentionally broken by this patch.


The Portuguese finally no longer have a completely useless team bonus. This is a welcome change.


free cartho was considered one of the best team bonuses on ara style maps, idk what you talk about.
new bonus is good also.


The Portuguese team bonus was completely useless if shared LOS was turned on in team games (which it was by default). Not to mention, it was completely useless in 1v1s. This new bonus is much, much better.


What is point of changing Gurjaras bonus damage thing to stacked in age? Isn’t it better to nerf like 30% across all age? There is only two feudal mounted unit (scout and camel scout) and nerfing more in feudal doesn’t have any meaning. 40% in Imp still be too oppressive.

Also only 5% decrease of Camel DPS of Hindustanis is just a joke. I would remove that bonus completely and increase the base attack of Imperial camel by 1 or 2 to compensate.

The poles stone bonus nerf is good but it is not enough. Their cavalier spam is still oppressive. I would just remove that bonus if other bonus/tech is unchanged. Many civs have to win poles early because most of them cannot match their fully boomed eco to cavalier or obuch but stone bonus make it also difficult because they can invest stone early and make fortification (Castle, Tower).


yes this really is shameful especially since they could have tried something even small just to try something (serjeants and elitè upgrade cost reduction for example) and then see, but no, nothing at all…


well it’s less dominant in castle where strong knights civ might stand a chance if they get numbers or monk conversions, and in feudal it helps by making less bonkers OP the camel scout that could win every fight with regular scouts. now they would still win, but given their cost, it’s no longer a silly move to go scouts against gurjaras maybe…i would have gone even further making it cap at 33% (like 10/20/33%) but it’s something at least

Man don’t you realize that the mounted bonus damage in imperial is basically equal to how Malians camels do with Farimba vs cavalry? nerfing it more just make the bonus bad.


Interesintg. I didnt pay attention in those first words. I was already thinking it would #### ## #### like DoI, because of the “have more to say in the coming months”

I think they would be even worse when massed, as now everybody gets 4 damages while before was the first target getting 6 damage and the others 3. But, in small number should be easier to deal with

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Man. It doesn’t only affect camel. It makes their Seige elephant very oppressive vs building and they not only have that bonus but also have bonus buffing melee armor of camel. I am not feel their nerf is still enough.
But might be better to keep camel bonus and remove BBC from tech to make Halb+seige reasonable counter vs them.

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They nerfed Gurjaras already quite significantly.
TBH, I thint the new Chakrams are kinda trash. Imo they even were not what made gurjaras so strong. It’s the Shrivamsha, not the Chakrams…

But what’s really intersting is the Portugues Buff. You get basically 250 extra wood from your Berries, that’s quite a substantial boost to their economy. Especially to their feudal economy. And it’s quite flexible as having some extra wood to spent is almost always useful. And probably even girded into some strong fc or fimp builds even.
I think Portuguese will be way stronger with this patch.
Also in TGs the faster Techs are really useful , especially in the lategame when certain upgrades just take abnoxiously long to research (like Paladin).
As Portuguese are already quite strong on closed maps… I’m kinda surprised to see such a buff to them tbh.

Also HCA got a buff which is probably also a partial reaction that CA lately kinda fell of in the meta. But I don’t think this will change something about that.
But let’s see if some of the civs that don’t get PT now can make more use of their CA.


The portugese team bonus is gonna break team games I think.

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Why do I have a feeling, they haven’t even started making Return of Rome yet. For them not showing us anything not even an explanation whether it’s adding new civs in AOE 2 or they would separate them from the main game, is just a sign they have nothing to show us.

They’ve never said anything about any DLC before until it was very close to its release. Just check how long people having been theorizing about Porto based on almost nothing before the DoI announcement. I cant understand it, if they dont give every tiny detail months ahead people here come with lots of doom-saying

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Goddd. Can someone save us from that stupid Shrivamsha riders ? I am tired of losing 10 archers to 1 Shrivamsha.