Pathfinding is shot since India DLC release

I just wanted to say, pathfinding is shot since India DLC release.
Like way worse than before.
Especially in feudal age and/or for small distance behavior.

  • Villagers don’t take a straight line but walk in 45 degree lines from the optimum for no reason (no units close by).
  • Quickwalls fail because villagers gb much further than they need to clear on obstructed foundation.
  • Villagers tend to take longer routes because they think small gap are blocked by own units/other vills.
  • Villagers task to go back to the TC go all over the place (e.g. at the mill while retreating from a drush)
  • Melee units tend to entangle each other so it’s harder to go back (e.g. in kts v kts engagement)

I don’t see how pathfinding is improved in any situation, so maybe the people in charge should look into this and maybe reroll the pathing.
@IkoKnight8151 @Felizon89

It was also mentioned on and confirmed by high level players.

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Hi @UnfamousScout !
Could you provide some replays with timestamps where the issues occur?
We are aware of some pathing issues and these recorded games would help us a lot for tracking them.
Thanks for your report! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately we cannot reproduce these issues, it could help us a lot for our investigation if you provide the recorded games :slight_smile:

Also have it in almost every game. But then Im never sure if it’s just the general pathing mishaps or if it’s since the DLC

Tons of people are mentioning it on Reddit as well and I’m sure replays would help.

I just never think of uploading after a particularly egregious occurrence because I’m too because thinking about my own in game decisions.

One of my most frustrating is when a villager is tasked back to TC while harvesting berries, due to incoming MAA or whatever, and the clowns actually walk away from the TC, exactly as you mention here

I know it’s not necessarily a post DLC issue, and likely a pre-existing one.

Also experience Vils (specifically) not taking the most direct route to a point(hypotenuse) And walking along the Cardinal short sides of the “triangle”

I’m sure casters have made Vids about this


Agree. Just revert when you bring a regression and have no idea how to fix it. Common practice in software engineering.

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Or, you could just provide the replays? I don’t see what’s stopping you. To specifically know what instance is a problematic pathing issue, a timestamped replay would help a lot instead of a very weird dismissal of ‘lol just play the game’.

Hard to look into this when you aren’t providing something to look at.


Devs replied twice asking to help fix your issue and you can’t even come up with a single example. Why did you even decide to write your post?


There’s no use for being obtuse here, especially if your goal is to getting the problem solved. They can’t magically observe your game and see exactly what the fault in pathfinding was. A dismissive ‘play your own game’ does not help when what helps is the playerbase giving them the replays, especially when there’s a clear example of pathing gone wrong.

You’re just complaining for complaining’s sake right now - you didn’t even post in the right forum (go to Bug Reports).

It would help a lot if you posted the replays. There’s no need to worry, no one is going to judge you because of a game, or because of your elo or because you lost a vil to the boar, whatever. So far i haven’t spotted any issues with pathing, so maybe it’s something that isn’t happening to everyone. That’s another reason why having the replay would be important for the devs :slight_smile:

But it’s up to you.

Tbf this isn’t true. Theres still a lot of judgement on this forum from some people. And you only need a little bit to discourage people.

But we could email the replays through (which I’ve done in the past)

Really? Well that’s sad. I was talking about the devs though, they’re the ones who need to watch the replays, i doubt they’d judge how the game was played. Yeah e-mailing would work too. So far the only pathing issue i’ve spotted is that knights sometimes refuse to attack enemy archers, they seem to get confused for a second, but that’s a known issue.

Since we’re on the topic, could we make it so that villagers don’t attack a boar during a boar lure? Nothing as frustrating as losing a vill to a boar because it stopped in the middle of nowhere to attack the chasing boar, which it shouldn’t even try to fight in any situation. It’s not a wolf after all

It’s a known bug/inconvenience which exists forever.
It was tried to be fixed but it’s still there.

This thread is not productive, i did some effords in the bug report section.
@RadiatingBlade I would like to have this thread closed.

In my case that only ever happens if I accidentally retask the Villager to anything else than a basic move command. Though I remember reading something about this also being fixed?

On Black Forest, I can conveniently lure three boars without this issue happening, even without Scout blocking (by just accepting some hits on the Villager), even if there’s also a Wolf present.

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Everyone else in the thread would love you to put in a shred of effort and post an example.

I did post that in general chat, because I didn’t want to file a full bug report.
in II - Report a Bug it’s definitly at the wrong place.

I think the bad pathing since the DLC is a common impression, which was not discussed too much in the general chat. That is why I made this thread.

I spend really a lot of time in the past filing reports and helping people find solutions.
At some point it’s just enough.

Also pathing is a subjective, vague, volatile topic. E.g. if villager tunnel through M@A and gb to the TC, or scouts don’t attack, it may only happen in 1/10 games. And then you don’t have StarCraft replays, you need to start all over to see the same scene again.
That’s why I didnt come up with clips/replays right away.

@JohnnyBQuik @Nerathion @Vallistix i have yet to see your bug reports or contribution to solution.

Is ezzz to say ‘just give replays and make a full bug report’

Topic closed as requested by original poster.