Pathfinding issues much worse than used to be before

Game Version:



Last games i play i finding pathfinding much worse and worse. Just look at this (censored words) replay:
(watch captured video in few next replies)


I watched your replay, and boi that was awful.
Entire bunchs of idle units, frozen in place, unable to fight… That’s the reason i say infantry in AOE2 is a joke. they simply can’t do their job! (there’s the historical inconsistency and unvaried roster too, but this doesn’t matter anyway)
Btw, if you could put a video it would be of great help. Took me some time to transfer the file around and find the points where the pathfind was at it’s worst.

I’ll do it by myself, thanks

Here i have captured replay. In description you can check time of most terrible pathing during the match.

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It seems like pathfinding get worse in every remake: it is worse in AOE2 HD, it is worse in AOM EE, it is worse in AOE DE, don’t expect much from AOE 2 DE.

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I noticed also that the pathfinding has gotten bad. I particularly had this feeling with cavalry units SINCE the possibility of the AoE2:DE pre-order (as in, when on Steam it went from “Age of Empires II HD” to “Age of Empires II (2013)”). This gave me the feeling they purposefully made the pathfinding a bit worse so the difference with AoE2:DE will seem more significant.

That said, I don’t have enough play experience to back up this claim.

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I didn’t get the aoe2de beta, but i may have heard that the pathfinding in aoe2de maybe got worse - if ya 'now wah i mean.

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What??? Are you joking? Without infantry how will you stop Paladins?


I watched many public videos of AOE2 DE and never noticed bad pathfinding…

MS surely masked the flaws… somehow. All enterprises do that - it’s a marketing move.

I told infantry was a joke to get a hot discussion rolling (worked!). The infantry pathfinding IS bad due to their melee nature. Compared to cav archers, foot arches and general ranged units, infantry has a bad time closing the gap due to clunsy movement. Cav has a edge over infantry, their fast speed compensate pathfindig.
When i said infantry, i was talking about the militia line. I could spend hours talking about historical inconsistencies in infantry, but aoe is not about getting history right, it’s about fun with historical elements. Check this post, if you want to see what i’m talking about when i mention infantry:

They have horses obviously…
Pathfinding in AOE2 uses formations so… Not that much of a difference for military