Hi, does anyone know’s if there is going to be an improvement for the units pathfinding? I was expecting it to be smoother, but it’s the same as old AOE3.

It’s actually not the same, but much worse. Pathfinding in original game was quite good, so this is very disappointing. I really hope they can bring it up to par with the original game at least, because right now it’s bad.


yeah… I didn’t wanted to say that cuz I love the game. The worst is when the units try to destroy a building, the just stay afk and do nothing, can’t decide where to go lol. This happens with movement attack, but yeah, hope they fix that bs pathfinding.

Agreed, the ai for pathfinding is for lack of better words dogshit.

I Firmly believe that Formation also makes it much harder on Pathfinding as units will always try to formate before moving

Pathfinding, attack-move, all of these related features are an absolute nightmare in DE. It really makes for sloppy gameplay.

the line of sight too, it seems like every unit is blind in the DE, a good way to prove it is by playing the last chinese campaign mission where u have to avoid patrols, it takes some good long seconds for the enemy to spot you

AI is horrid. Fix the game PLEASE.

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It’s always nice to make 50 units, only for 10 units to shoot and the other 40 to hold their DICKS in their hand.

Same goes for cavalry, you can have 1-5 horsemen actually attacking and the other 30 just stand there. With their ■■■■ in their hand.

Also, if attack move doesn’t work, why let me map it. Using attack move has the same effect as pressing ‘DEL’ on my keyboard.

Pls fix

Really enjoy the game but please fix AI, connection and performance issues and AI.

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