Pathing and unit control issues as of recent patch

Just figured I’d ask if anyone else has noticed progressively buggier attack moves, unit pathing, and some weird interactions of the hotkey changes. While aoe3 has never been…perfect…in unit pathing seems like shift clicks and attack moves have been bugging out frequently, especially in team games. Since the server infrastructure update in particular, many units like cav and vills path as if something is in their way a few seconds after it moves, which ofc per murphy’s law means they either stop moving or path in the opposite direction. I don’t have any of these issues in vs ai games, but can usually reproduce it vs others with some consistency. Since the last patch too sometimes cav will move as if snared, even if its not in combat, and isn’t stuck on trample or something. It is again far more common in team games. These occurrences tell me that our servers are somehow not pinging as fast as before, which could be due to the large welcome influx of f2p players. While it seems minor, there is far fewer frustrating experiences in any rts than sloppy unit response. I hope this discussion gets some traction as while i love all the new content, its less enjoyable if my entire eco dies to 1 raid cause the vills are trying to walk into circling cav instead of pathing in the now clear route to safety, and me spending my time having to path it manually. Same with all the new RG cav who are insistent on doing 360s instead of fighting. Play time needs to be coded out. And its been a persistent issue all through DE, but attack move seems abnormally touch and go (why attack when you can gracefully walk briskly into dopp/skulls, urumi while intimidating them with your pacificsm?). Just areas that I feel need some attention to for upcomming patches

Also, more of a PSA, thanks to the hotkey shifts last patch many grid hotkeys are goofy. randomly getting military spawn or eco spawn points changed , stance shifts, etc if you are experiencing those i think its the command hotkeys that got moved for many grid set ups. If you’ve experienced any of those, please check your command ones first as i think something here got wonky. I’ve stopped deleting my architect when making TCs thanks to this review.

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Started getting noticebly worse after the june server updates.

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havent felt pathing changes but lag is getting worse so that does affect pathing like 60% of the time