Pathing building first houses, a vent of pathing frustrations

Please Devs,


New patch has made it so my practiced dark age start of placing houses directly next to the villagers results in them running 2 tiles away from the foundation instead of building it right away.

It is very frustrating when your fixes to pathing adds more issues than it resolves. Now I need to learn how to place buildings 1 tile off of where the villagers are just so they’ll walk towards the building to build it. Previously they turned around on the spot to build.

I don’t really quick wall but I feel like this is a huge issue for any player who’s spent the time to learn that skill, just a big slap in the face.

Anyone else want to vent their pathing issues?


If you just immediately task them onto the house, they will start building it rather than moving. Not ideal, but it works.

I was gonna rant a week ago already, but didn’t even bother to. I am glad to see someone else ranting about this too.

@Felizon89 Could you fix this?

To my surprise almost all pros have not been placing houses in this optimal way. Otherwise they would rant as well.

You can’t, I tried many times already. And even if you could, why tf are we required to do another annoying click right from the start?

For now the best thing is change habit and place houses a tile further :sneezing_face:

I tried it repeatedly yesterday to hone the muscle memory, and I assure you, it works. You place the house and immediately task them to the house; left click then right click. Works for me.

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Yeah the pathing is broken right now. No point trying to micro really, your units never do what they’re told. And TC and castle fire is still killing units outside their range. Not to mention villagers spawning from TC and walking halfway across the map. And melee units just randomly stop chasing. There is just so much wrong with the game, it’s really not as enjoyable a game as it used to be sometimes. The balance is good, but they need to stop focusing on balance and just do one big update which is pure bug fixing and pathing, no balances or gimmicks.


And mangonel refuses to shoot when you right click a target;
Xbow refuse to shoot in attack move;
Task 3 scouts to kill a vil and 2 of them decide to freeze…

I find it very annoying but mostly it is because the unit was in the range for a second and TC somehow has a ballistics effect? With multiple arrows it is hard to dodge.

Honestly this happens more recently but I have no evidence if this is just my own misclick.

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OK I tried again and it does work. But again this is such an necessary lame.

Weird enough this only happens for the starting moment. Walking any vil to any corner of a tile this would no longer happen.

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