Pathing is still buggier than on legacy

Units are often “indecisive” about which way to path through. You tell them to go somewhere, and they’ll instead decide to take the longer way around some object (like a coin mine, trees or TP socket) for no apparent reason. They actually CAN go the way you want, but they just won’t. Sometimes they’ll randomly change their mind and after starting to go around an object, actually turn back and take the way you wanted. It’s very confusing and sometimes game breaking.

This clip below is a good example. 3 vils take a totally illogical path towards the TC, then for some reason change their mind after a couple seconds and turn back. Sadly the kind of behavious seen in this clip happens almost every game


was gonna make a new post about this but I found this thread instead. it is pretty strange, is there any official explanation why unit control and pathing is just worse than on legacy? is there no easy fix?

i was playing a FFA on legacy the other day and it’s just night and day how much easier it is to control units in the old game. they go where you tell them to, when you tell them to. the main frustrating thing on legacy is peer to peer lag though. if we could have DE lag-free games + legacy unit pathing, that would truly be incredible

i was also rewatching this game the other day: ⚔️ AoE3: Kaiserklein vs LordRaphael Expert Showmatch [Bo9 - $100] - YouTube

and noticing how the final push involves jamming a bunch of kanyes and aennas under brit’s tc, and I was just thinking how that feels like it would go so much worse on DE because of just how much worse unit pathing is. it has real consequences for balance because it means all-in pushes with cav and inf in age 2 like that are less viable since they’re so much more risky because you might just have your units freeze and get deleted