Pathing issue

It doesn’t happen every single game, but sometimes after a while I run into an issue where my troops will go in the opposite direction of my command, or they just wont move at all. Seems to happen more so with knights and archers. Anyone else having a similar issue? Yes I’ve reinstalled and done any of the basic troubleshooting one might suggest. Also to add, this only happens when I control a group of units. If i select one by itself it will follow my commands.

Since armies walk in formatted groups, changing directions may for example cause archers to freeze for a bit, as they wait for melee to pass them and form a new front line. This is, apparently, common in AoE games and beyond ridiculous for anyone from any other RTS game. In most games people at least have the option to turn this formation movement on or off.

The only way to bypass this is to manually move the specific group you want to hurry up.