Pathing still an abomination

These last days melee pathing in particular has been atrocious. Units walking the other direction before searching the direct path to attack, units bugging out and waiting for seconds while standing still before they engage, units attack enemy b while attack command was executed on enemy a, the list goes on.


Rams pathing is atrocious, they always take the longest, most improbable path to the target, spinning left and right, turning back, stopping to attack something else, those things are driving me insane I swear!


Villagers will stop attempting to gather wood altogether if space is limited and they’re in a clump, I had to micro them repeatedly to get back to work only for them to stop again and again until I gave up and expanded the camp’s size. (There was enough room for most if not all to attempt to work, but instead of rerouting to a different tree for each 80% of the 12 lumberjacks just gave up.)


What is sad is that all of these things were addressed at some point, and they keep coming back, specially the knights stop attacking. And are such important things. This should be top priority


Hello everyone!

Do you have a replay where this issue is present?


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Sure, just now I got one in the first few minutes.
Dumb question: How do I share it?

Just attach the replay file here?