Pathing sucks

Does anyone else notice this? I feel like it’s an issue with ROR maybe? But the pathing is terrible. Like I order a melee unit to attack another melee unit and somehow instead of meeting the other unit head on it’s like my unit just walks past them? Like they’re going to where they were, not where they currently are? I’m even using the attack move command and it just doesn’t do anything. clicking directly on the unit I want them to kill does nothing. I’m sick and tired of it…legit I have my catapults get merked all the time because my infanty unit decides to simply let the enemy pass by and only THEN will they start chasing them. The pathing is all sorts of ###### in this game it’s not even fun to play.


Yeah, the pathing has gotten (even) worse since the RoR patch. Hopefully it gets addressed (or at least put back to the pre-RoR state) soon.

Yep. It’s announced that some of major pathing issues should be addressed in June’s hotfix patch. I have some big hopes with it.

where do you see this? link pls

If you are on steam, it’s on the news page of aoe2

fix the damn bug man

Pathign seems to have improved a lot with the public preview builds.

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