Patrol/Attack Move Update?

They’re still unusable for melee units. Thousands of good men are dying needlessly. Goths are unplayable.

Wait till you try right-click. Then your death count will skyrocket to millions.

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I always used patrol as attack move in HD and I still haven’t changed that habit in DE. Patrol seems to be working okay still… is there something you are specifically seeing that is worse than HD?

The behavior for patrol and attack move are equally bad for me for melee units. Units stutter and freeze in confusion.

I haven’t noticed the stutter using patrol in DE… they always used to stutter in HD when using attack move. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on it zooming in. Although I don’t know any way to help them if both features are broken in DE… maybe just set them to aggressive when close to the enemy and micro units when necessary to focus fire

I’ve also been having problem where units will stop and then even when new targets run across them and they’re on attack stance they remain frozen and I have to manually retask them


I was Cumans the other day and right-clicked the enemy’s TC with 4 rams. One ram thought about it; the other 3 just looked at me. Then all 4 proceeded to attack a suspicious house. Oy.

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Patrol in all its glory.

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It’s a problem when there is some kind of choke point (even other units count as a place for choking). It’s all right in open areas. Attack move downright doesn’t work. Units just sit there. Patrol works, but you need to start it when you are far away or they stutter.

I have been using classic right click. Seems to work better.

Edit- Classic right click being right clicking the ground nearby.


Thankfully developer said, that they are working on an update for right-click. I am quite surprised, that currently right-click works better for you than patrol and attack-move. In my tests it is absolutely the opposite. Maybe all battle commands are broken in some way.


Haha, I meant right clicking the ground. Should have been more clear, my bad. Right clicking units has always been the least efficient way in my opinion, but yeah it got worse in DE.

Right-clicking units has worked much better for me in previous versions of the game, because units will more readily attack enemy units. If I just order them to move close to enemy units, then they may get hit by enemy units when moving and not react to enemy units after stopping as quickly as when right-clicked on enemy unit. My tests also clearly prove it.

Currently in DE right-clicking near enemy units might work better simply because normally right-clicked units try to get very close to targeted enemy unit instead of immediately spreading between enemy units.