Patrol Functionality with respect to Scouts (Right-Click Move vs. Attack Move)

Hello Devs:
I have not seen anyone mention this minor issue. Patrol works great for military. But while it would be great for scouting, it backfires for Scouts for the most part. Currently the Patrol is infinite back and forth but of the “A” button Attack Move type. Therefore, for a scout, he will attack any unit he sees and die or have to be redirected defeating the “patrol” purpose for him mostly.

For scouting purposes, rather it would be more functional if the scout behavior was an infinite back and forth but as a “Right-Click” Move instead of an “Attack” move. This would result in the Scout “yelling” as when seeing an enemy but continuing his reconnaissance, without engaging. Rather he would just keep going back and forth. This would be awesome.

Two fixes would be either:
(a) Add another move command such as “Scouting” or “Recon” or “Traveling”; or
(b) just changing the behavior for Scouts as described above.


If it is a button, The W button is free actually, and the S (stop) button is useless. Meanwhile, the G button should definitely be reserved for the “Guard” button actually. Which everyone is expecting eventually arrive.

Note: For Mali, it would be nice if this behavior applied to dark age scouts and could go away after they are upgraded? Or it could just be this button.

Regardless, thanks for reading and considering feedback.

Hey @JohnDresty! Are you thinking of something like the Auto-Scout feature for Age II / III DE, or something else?