Patrol or Attack Move past buildings

This is more of a suggestion than anything.

I just find myself wishing there was a way to patrol or attack move while ignoring buildings. Like holding Control while clicking or something, or perhaps just another command like the previous.

It’s pretty annoying to patrol your guys at the enemy, make 5 farms, and come back to find your ally is pissed at you for shooting the crap out of that enemy house you didn’t see there. It really only was 2-3 seconds of farm placement, but that’s enough that they are now not in position to take a good fight.

Am I alone?


Well, this should not happen if your patrol group is on defensive or no attack (stand ground) stance. Yet, if they are attacked under patrol you would be noticed and can swiftly act accordingly.

The example given was literally yesterday with my archers on Stand Ground. I’m not gonna lie I don’t remember if I used Attack Ground or Patrol in that exact scenario, however this isn’t the only time it’s happened to me. It’s been this way since 2007 with Patrol on AOK, then AOC, then AOFE, and so on. The difference is that now my input might have a chance at changing something.

It was probably Attack Ground though. I am more likely to use that, or have been recently.

[edit]Attack Move, not Attack Ground. Misspoke[/edit]

Attack ground is only possible with siege, so I think it was something else. Attack move differences from patrol of course. Units will scatter around in their areal view which is extended as they move up to next building or unit with each unit’s personal range.

All the different behaviors can be tested in single player skirmish games 2v2 or 3v3 with AI. Maybe it’s good to make some more videos or add it to some learning to play challenges.

Sorry, Attack move. Not attack ground. Words are similar, meanings are different.

Not sure but I remember there was something with this regarding userpatch and voobly, would be nice to have a modifier hotkey to change the behavior for this (didnt think much about it, pro input should be needed)

That worked different - better on Voobly. Units wouldn’t just target buildings instead of units if the buildings are closer (even just 1 tile!).

Another mulfactioning mechanic that has yet not been fixed…


Interesting. I never played on the Voobly Platform. I went straight from the AOFE modded EXE to HD, then to DE.

How much better was / is it?

Hi Devs,

Please give us a button that ignores buildings while attack moving. It makes it very hard to raid, especially with archers who can’t do any significant damage to buildings, when units stop and attack buildings instead of killing villagers and units instead.

Thank you.


I think attack move can ignore buildings all together? To attack buildings we can attack them specifically. You were lucky it was just a house i have faced the problem where they caught a tower!!

Hello. I am noob (-1k elo). I would say that you have to work on your control groups and your multitasking. No attack can be done without risk. The risk of a patrol going towards the adversary is to be detected while attacking a building. this is resolved with control groups and training.

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If it past building then the team bonus of LOS would be a big nerf

nope, this has been discussed before and should never be added into any RTS game.