Pause abuse

tbf, they are doing a lot of things that are helpful
But people tend to forget that there’s a global pandemic right now and it’s nice of them to keep the work flowing. Many bad devs would have found reasons to just not do anything

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Ah definitely! I also appreciate the work they’re doing /done even if i don’t always act like it

I’d prefer to lose a game because I have something urgent to do, over having pause wars in a game where people waste my time with this ■■■■.
I can reasonably plan my games to be during a time where nothing else comes up, and if there really is something important then I dont mind losing a game because of that.
Being stuck in a waiting screen, however I do mind.

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And aoe’s uniqueness also is reflected on its unique things such as pauses in online games. Do you ever see this? No because other games wants you to focus everthing on them.

It is not about elo, it is about respect for the one who paused, to give him time. When he pauses he can unpause even within the 2 min mark.

A postman comes to deliver. You have to sign a letter. How much time it takes? 2 mins? You write ‘wait a sec’ and pause. The enemy unpauses immediately. What was the purpose of pause?

I have a dog who sometimes needs to go out and pee, but she doesn’t usually tell me that in 15 minutes I’m going to need to go out, she often will tell me right when she needs to go. The current system works well, I pause say “sorry, one sec my dog needs to pee” they say “no problem” I take the dog out, 1 minute later we are back to playing.

Losing a game because I needed to take a 1 minute break to let the dog out is not something I’d be ok with.

I dont have a problem with the current system. I think its good. I would not like an enforced pause is all im saying.

To pause the game, if BOTH players agree.

If it was possible to pause without the other player’s agreement, it would lead to massive abuses, as others pointed out.

I think 10 pauses was correct, I remember seeing “you have 9 pauses left” on the side after pausing

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I simply wouldn’t start playing an online game if I’m expecting a delivery that needs me to go to the door. Wait till it has arrived before playing any games that day. An inability to pause is completely normal in other games, e.g. driving games, and also in real world activities like a F1 race or a marathon. People somehow manage to organise their lives to be able to take part in those things from start to finish.

To answer the original poster … There is a limit on pausing in the game (as you can read by the comments above).

I have been playing this game online for over a decade - and I could count on only two hands the number of times I actually had a problem with someone attempting to grief via pausing.

Granted there is the occasional pause/unpause without explanation. But this is infrequent and while annoying at the time, quickly forgotten and not a cause for problem with the rest of the game.

Most people just pause and say *sec
The other team says 1
We all wait about 30 seconds and the person says *thanks 14?
The other team says 1
And the game continues without problem.

If you look hard enough, I’m sure you will find annoying people out there who just want to watch the world burn. However, in the normal matches that I play (comp/casual) that just isn’t the norm.

The pause/unpause system is fine as is, and I think that any changes to it wouldn’t really have whatever effect it is you’re looking for.


I only know of Age of Empires 2 having the pause feature. For AoE2 HD, I had no issue with the pause feature…at least, whenever I played multiplayer on HD I saw no one abuse the system. As for DE, I have since discovered that the pause feature CAN be abused, and that is bad.

The solution, as far as I can see is to make it so that the pause feature had a time limit to it like, say 8 minutes, so that the game would be unpaused automatically unless the person who paused it unpaused it sooner than that, or make it so that if a player paused the game and is abusing it for whatever reason (delaying tactic, stalling for time, annoying opponents, etc.) then the other players should have the right to kick that player from the game.

I only figured out you are actually in favour of having pauses the opponent can’t unblock, by looking at your previous posts.
Once there is such a feature it might get used every game (and also there are a small number of trolls), so it doesn’t seem wise to make the unblockable length more than 2 or 3 minutes.
Funny how this thread keeps repeating itself