Pay for Tales of Middle Earth? I Would

Anyone else willing to pay for a LotR expansion/standalone that is based off of the Tales of Middle Earth Total Conversion Mod for the original AOC? I would gladly pay $20-$30 for this game. It doesn’t have to be anything brand new. It can use the exact same mechanics as AoE2: DE just with different graphics/techs. Many of these graphics can be pulled from the original as a base, just cleaned up.

There are times that I pull up the other one and still play it. I like it. I would really love to have an updated version of it. I am totally okay paying for this.

Anyone else miss/want an updated version?

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I would not mind a LOTR AoE mod or expansion. But I would like it to have the same feel as if I 'm playing a campaigns though. Also I wouldn’t want too much over hp and attack stats. Nothing to crazy. Plus some voice narration, and maybe some LOTR music?