Penalties should be applied to player who lose all his landmarks, as landmark victory condition may change

In the early game, this becomes less impack for a player who has had all his landmarks destroyed but has saved all his villagers. This undoubtedly reduces the importance of attacking in the early game.

In the late game, if a wonder is built, then the players can care nothing about the defence of their base and just defend the wonder and a particular landmark, which also makes attacking the wonder much more difficult.

So, I think that players who lose all their landmarks should be punished, if not eliminated from the game, until they repair one of their landmarks.

For example, forbid them from making any new militray buildings or units, or at the very least, forbid them from building defensive buildings such as keep, outpost and new landmark.


Good idea. The penalty can also be a death timer of 5 mins, or a decline in working efficiency for villagers and military buildings.

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You could solve this by pausing the wonder timer when the wonder’s owner has no landmarks standing.

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Just don’t change the landmark snipe mechanic, just leave it as it is now, thank you.


and get even less players in the next month. I see.

Why is it hard to understand, that without comback mechanic - people will be frustrated.
It’s very depressing to have 200 pop, but to loose cause landmark snipe.

Or you love to play 20 mins, and loose with 200 pop?

Or you love to get into the game, play 10 minutes, and realised, that other flank lost a player?

TG balance depends on position of STRONG player on map.

strong1(flank) + strong2(pocket) + middle3(pocket) + weak4(flank) =teamA
middle5(flank) + weak6(pocket) + strong7(pocket) + strong8(flank) = teamB

teamA(strong1 + strong2) managed to kill middle5, but teamB managed to kill weak4

Will be game equal? or resign as one player killed?

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Hey its my point of view dont be like that, for me the landmark snipe just adds more depth and variety to the game.

It is hard to understand because that logic makes no sense. If you lose 200 pop to a landmark snipe, then you can retaliate by landmark sniping the enemy and making them lose 200 pop as well.

If you lose to landmark snipe, that means you are a poor player.

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This game is not only about offense, but also defense. If you build stone walls, keeps, and outposts to protect your base when you have 200 pop, how can you get your landmark sniped easily?

In the early game, if your teammates are rushed, then the enemy base must be empty and you can rush them in return, and of course you can go protect your teammates. This is a very common thing in open maps.

I like the change that team mates not lose after loosing their landmarks. This was a good change. Imo NO penalties or nerfs should be applied to players who lost all their landmarks.