Penguin Award bugged!

I really love that new icon unfortunately, I’ve now played 2 games of Empire Wars in quick match and finished them and still I do not get the achievement! That’s probably my favourite icon ever since the launch, I love penguins so much :frowning:

Was able to complete this achievement in a 2v2 quick match against AI that was NOT empire wars. Did it with a friend but that shouldn’t make a difference, totally agree that this issue should be addressed.

I found out when I read the patch notes ( Age of Empires IV - Patch 9.1.370 - Age of Empires ) that the achievement was from a standard game. Very confusing though!

Long Trip :lock: Play a 2v2 multiplayer match versus 2 AI opponents.
:trophy: Profile Icon – Cozy Penguin

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Thank you so much, will try that now!

Ok just did that, did a match vs AI on coop and it worked ! thanks a lot :grin:

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Nice find ! I also randomly stumbled across the patch note description of this challenge and it says “Play a 2v2 multiplayer match versus 2 AI opponents.”

No mention of Empire Wars! Ingame you will also not see any mention of AI. Whoever put the text in ##### ## royally :japanese_ogre: