People are lagging the game to win

It might have been done before of course, but the last few games I have played all ended in the same way.
It starts out choppy and laggy, and it would get worse and freeze. It shows who is lagging and that person is typing in chat, and he is playing with no lag/he can control his units easily. The guy kept laughing and typing 11 among other things, meanwhile my team was complaining the whole time not being able to control their units. It was very obvious that this person did not even care because they were causing it to lag some how. It is sad my first few games back are just laggy but I guess that is what this game is. Btw I know it isn’t me because if the empire score indicator and my entire team pointing it out to that same guy that was in red for connection. Sadly the games did not detect unstable connection (idk how) so they all counted towards MMR.

I hope your post is meant to be sarcastic…

I am just trying to get into the mindset of why the devs seem to keep ignoring the key issues. But hey, maybe we will get some new avatars also. So everything is fine.


Thanks for clarifying you was indeed sarcastic. I totally agree with your point of view. I also have no idea why the devs ignore the biggest issues and why they focus on useless features.

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