People cannot see my lobbies

Game Version:

  • Build (latest)
  • Platform (Steam)


I have created multiple public lobbies for teamgames, and i have yet to see a single person join any of them. I am pretty sure that this is a bug, because whenever i join lobbies, they fill up in matter of seconds. I frequently cannot join games that are listed as 1/8 full, because they have already filled up while my game was loading.
While i have a combined hour of Hosting lobbies right now, without anyone joining ever.
I tried hosting on EUWest server, and with server setting on standard.
Does anyone have the same issue or is able to help me?
Feedback of any kind would be much appreciated.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Be me
  2. Host Lobby
  3. Wait until you die of old age

I am also living the same problem and I only see Korean Servers which are very far to me Im from Turkey.
and When I create a game others cannot see my games and when they see game get filled in 5 seconds by 8 players also I have crashing problems or some other players Please fix that as soon as possible. Also My ram usage is around 14-16gb which I have max

And also while i try to create a game my game frozes on here like half of the lobby loaded other half waiting to get loaded for 60 years.

Same issue here
Sunday 17-11-2019, issue still present.

Problem is gone. I havent done anything.
I also see alot more lobbies at once in the Browser now.

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The problem was on server codes not on game and the code fixes solved the situation. I think it happened without updates

This still is happening to me. Started to switch server when creating lobby from default to others, try and error, finally got it working on westeurope