People can't read what I type


In every chat, people are unable to read what I type. Ingame but also in lobby.
It leads to a lot of misunderstandings and legitimated toxicity from people thinking I ignore them. It kinda makes it hard to enjoy.
I cant contact anyone neither and explain it or play with people of my friend list.

Is there any fix ? i have ofc restarted game, computer, uninstalled completely and reinstalled the game

I contacted the suport but only got a generic response with no information (sounded like they did not know about this issue, but i guess it is an automatic mail).

The only threats I found speaking about this issue got no answer (except some other ppl experiencing the same).

How can I know if the issue is aknowledged by devs ? Or if a way around have been found (as only a few players seems to have this issue). Am I missing something?
I bought the game on microsoft store on windows 11. I got a few errors once: 6 / 4100 / 4101 but I dont get them anymore even though nothing is fixed.
I had no issue in previous patch.

Thank you for your help,

Best regards