People cheating in AoE?

Lots of burner accounts on my elo, I bothered watching replay and saw that his food gather rate wasn’t normal.

Opponent was Mongols, made like 4-6 Scouts (which kinda depletes the extra food you get at start, and at that point you can say that Mongols don’t have a bonus anymore), got Horse Collar AND Wheelbarrow and clicked up at 16:30. I fully boomed as Chinese (3 TC right away with Camel + Monk defense), into a 4th TC eventually.

Opponent was on FULLY UPGRADED Camel + Skirm, had some 50+ Camels, spamming from only 30 Farms.

Is there some sort of hack/exploit for resources? I know macro pretty well for this game, timings and all. There is no way he can be on 2x Food unit with full upgrades vs a 4 TC player, let alone hit Imp at same time as me.

Gather rates looked very sus, I have never seen someone open Stable, do 4-6 Scouts, do Wheelbarrow and as little as 15 farms and click up at 16:30. It’s technically possible if you wall VERY little and push all 6 deer (even the far ones), but I haven’t seen it in like… forevder.

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I know recs are broken, but if by any chance the rec for that game isn’t, I would start by watching it.


Was this castle age or imperial age? Mongols don’t fully upgraded units of either

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at both stages. I should have written differently, I meant that he had every upgrade available.

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