People disconnecting after seeing the civs

I dont think you should be able get 1 min to resign without losing elo. Its not often but some players resign when they see the civs for example they are Franks and you are Celts and they don’t wanna play anymore

Hahaha i just learnt i can quit within 1min. Thanks for that.

Next time i end up with a useless naval race on a megarandom water map im totally quitting.

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Welp, you’re up against real weird dudes if they think Franks vs Celts is a hopeless matchup.


Well its not hopeless but it is favoured. In most cases there is a slight favotire civ to win when you have a match up like Cav civ vs archer or archer civ vs infantry or infantry vs cav civ.

The point is people shouldnt get 1 min to resign without losing elo. This almost never happened in HD but i guess DE seems more competitive and popular with new players so its getting slightly annoying when people resign in the first second of the game

If you want to be a poor sport then go head… but just think about it from the other persons shoes. Would you want that happening to you?

Agreed no honor or chivalry today just down right greed and poor sportsmanship, so sad.

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This feature is mostly used by people who get map they don’t want to play. Very useful for them. Natural effect of forcing people to play maps they don’t want.


Celts have one of the best counters. Their infantry is super fast, and their siege isn’t nearly as vulnerable to rushes from lightcav etc. Due to high HP.

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Haha yeah totally down right greed and whatnot because i dont want to use aztecs when facing super OP vikings on a water map (sarcasm)

But i actually wouldn’t mind if it effected elo. I always assumed it would affect ranking like most games.

I got disconnection during the loading screen. Only SP works :smiley:

Welp, actually Aztecs aren’t that behind Vikings on Water. Their boats are produced faster, and their carry bonus is available sooner than free wheelbarrow. Also, Vikings can’t rush with fire galleys while Aztecs are really good at that. And in the late game, Aztecs have access to both Fast fire ships and Shipwright, on top of their faster production.

why not make like other games where u get a penalty based on how many times you dodged recently?
like, you can dodge one game every 24 or 48h. The second one makes you lose little elo. The third dodge makes you lose more. From third or fourth onwards its the same per match.

That way you can still dodge sometimes when u get a bad map or something, but can’t abuse it.

Or make it like CS:GO where players can choose any amount of maps they want to queue on. This would heavily reduce disconnects.

I wouldn’t really mind since it’s as easy as click queue again. Some people (me, for example) doesn’t like certain maps or certain matchups, but i think that devs should limit this option, let’s say 3 dodges per day.

This behavior is increased by taking away map choice and controll over whether you want to play vs a civ picker or not.

The system is too limited, people are unhappy.

I don’t have that problem at all on HD.

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unfortunately i dont think i have ever seen fire ships en masse work effectively to the level that long boats do.

firstly long boats are faster, so can kite them. we all know the combat AI is screwed in the sense that it favours range over melee, same applies for fire ships vs ranged ships. models bumpng in to each other, picking targets they cant reach, 20 of them going for 1 unit therefore doing nothing except for the front few etc etc, while the long boats pick them off. and then viking player can just lure you to the heated shot towers/castles if need be i dont know how many times ive rage quit while trying to get demo or fire ships to fight properly while the enemy kites them.

long boats can even kite galleys nevermind fire ships.

being able to produce something faster is far less useful than being able to produce something cheaper… guess what 2 docks do to the work rate compared to 1 :wink: if there was a limit to the number of buildings we could put down or anything along those lines then yes i might have agreed that aztec mil faster means that much

vikings are just too superior on a water map in general, there’s a reason they appear in probably 95% of all team islands in team games…

Oh, there is no denying that Vikings are god tier (completely outclassed by Italians tho), it’s just that the Aztec’s lack of galleon always made people think about them first when thinking about bad water civs. However civs like Teuton or Cuman are actually sooooo much worse.

I do it but not cause civs.
I can check rating on and skip games against 4. ELO<1300
or sime other ■■■■ games.

Welp, it’s super innacurate. For instance, it still doesn’t know I’ve played 4 ranked games, even tho it had 2 weeks to update.